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(La tourneuse de pages)
Embittered by an event from the past that thwarted her musical ambitions, Mélanie waits long and patiently to exact revenge against the person she holds responsible, distinguished concert pianist Ariane Foucherot. Masking her psychotic grudge behind a coolly professional exterior, Mélanie finds work as a nanny to Ariane's young son. Ariane, impressed by her new employee's professional manner, evident musical sensitivity and little knowing that she has embraced her nemesis, decides to engage the young woman as her personal page turner. The time is finally ripe for Melanie to reap her revenge. The Page Turner is a classy beautifully shot psychological thriller, rich in brooding, malevolently elegant, highly nuanced, economic in plot and resonant in its silences. Think Chabrol, think Hitchcock, and you're moving in the right direction.
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