Akira Kurosawa creates a powerful and serious film about a hardworking clerk, who discovers a zest for life when he discovers he is dying of cancer, rejecting an empty life for a local project turning a city dump into a playground. It's a long but rewarding and beautiful film that highlights the best in human nature. Highly recommended

A stoic insurance agent whose life is already pretty miserable discovers, along with the rest of the world, that he has 3 weeks to live before a huge asteroid collides with the earth. What does he do? Well he pretty much attempts to continue as if nothing is going to happen, but when he meets his ditzy neighbour life grabs our unlikely hero by the proverbials and drags him off on a emotional and literal road trip. Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World is a touching, gently quirky and surprisingly poignant romantic comedy drama.  

The superbly laconic Murray excels in this beautifully scripted fantasy. He plays a cynical TV weatherman, sent to cover the annual Groundhog Day festival, only to find himself trapped, reliving the same day endlessly. His only escape is trying to win over his beautiful producer. Very, very funny!
Hitchcock's masterpiece. A news photographer is confined to his apartment by an injury and spends his days watching the neighbours. He comes to believe that he is witnessing the preparations for a murder. Based on the novel by Cornell Woolrich. Suspense, ambiguity and voyuerism; total brilliance!
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