"The year is 1936. Orphaned Addie Loggins (Tatum O'Neal, in her film debut) is left in the care of unethical travelling Bible salesman Moses Pray (Ryan O'Neal, Tatum's dad), who may or may not be her father. En route to Addie's relatives, Moses learns that the 9-year-old is quite a handful: she smokes, cusses, and is almost as devious and manipulative as he is. They join forces as swindlers..." - Hal Erickson, Rovi.

Peter Bogdanovich's masterpiece, and shamefully overlooked by many!

Barbra Streisand sings only once in this movie. Yes, it's true. She stars with Ryan O'Neal in this 70s remake of Bringing Up Baby. When uptight musicologist Howard Bannister is targeted by the walking-disaster Judy Maxwell he has no idea what he is getting into. His fiancée, played to perfection by Madeline Kahn, can't figure out what's going on as Judy takes over Howard's life. Difficult to explain in 100 words, this is a classic comedy of mistaken identities, plaid hand luggage and igneous rocks. Cheesy, goofy and totally fun.
When William Randolph Hearst sets off early one Saturday morning in November on his floating mansion for a weekend of hedonistic fun and frolics, he is joined by some of 1920s America's glittering people, amongst them Charlie Chaplin. The consequences of this trip result in a murder that even today remains shrouded in mystery. The Cat's Meow is a beautifully realised film, with a fine cast and something of a return to form for Bogdanovich, but it's flaw hangs upon the true story it is attempting to represent, a tale with more questions than answers. A sophisticated and absorbing mystery...just a wee bit frustrating.
The moving story of Rocky Dennis, a boy afflicted with a rare illness which totaly disfigures him. Romance with a blind girl and the support of his pill-popping biker mother sustains him. A memorable performance by Cher, who was voted Best Actress at Cannes.
Peter Bogdanovich
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