A tour de force with a stellar cast, events unfold over the period of just one day as a series of apparently random characters, from a game show host too an ex-boy genius, weave into each others lives through chance, circumstance and even divine intervention. 'Magnolia' is a drama of the highest order with both comic and very dark touches, some fine performances and an absorbingly intricate story line.
Grace is on the run, and in the small backwater town of Dogville it would seem she has found some safety. But the town's inhabitants are not so understanding when the Mob turn up looking for the errant outsider and as Grace's former saviours begin to turn against her she sets in motion a string of events that may leave the townsfolk of Dogville rueing the day she ever entered their lives. Dogville is the latest from the master of mainstream experimental, Lars Von Trier, a dark, hypnotic, visually ravishing tale - despite the lack of conventional sets, or indeed conventions as a whole. Breathtakingly relevant to the world we live in and its increasing moral ambiguity, the film addresses the c
LLoyd (the amazing John Cusack), falls instantly in love with Diane, a brilliant mind trapped in the body of a gameshow hostess. He's training to be a kick boxer and does not live up to her father's expectations. Thus begins a touching love story nicely livened up by Cusack's comic talent.
Based on the true story of a former tobacco employee who turns whistle-blower. The Insider is a gripping thriller, with a couple of scorching performances from Russell Crowe as the man in question and Al Pacino as a television producer determined to bring to the publics notice the corrupt and duplicitous machinations of a corporate giant. A powerful and absorbing movie.
Philip Baker Hall
Flicks Turns 40
Against All Odds it's our Birthday Party and to celebrate a Year of Living Dangerously this Local Hero is taking over the old IMAX in May to show movies from 1982. Join us!

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