Rock 'n' roll legends Ike and Tina Turner seemed to have it all, but behind the glittering facade their marriage was a violently destructive rollercoaster. Bassett and Fishburne turn in riveting performances in this true story of Tina's triumph against the odds. Gripping, with a great soundtrack.
It's been a long time coming and, while not as hard-hitting as Reservoir Dogs or as mirth-inducing as Pulp Fiction, "Jackie Brown" is (probably) Tarantino's finest movie yet. Adapted from novellist Elmore Leonard's Rum Punch, this is a sometimes painfully realistic trudge through the tawdry lives of several somehow-connected characters. The Jackie of the title (dazzlingly played by Pam Grier) is a world-weary, cash-smuggling air hostess trying to stay as far away as possible from both her scuzzy, gun-running paymaster (Samuel L Jackson) and the Feds. Circling them are the excellent Robert Forster's cynical bail bondsman, Bridget Fonda as a spaced-out surf chick, and a peek of Bob De Niro as
Spielberg's aclaimed adaptation of Alice Walker's novel of a poor black girl, raped and rejected by her father, separated from her beloved sister and given into a life of domestic servitude and virtual imprisonment to her farmer husband. A bleak tale of hope and eventual liberation warmly told.

Carmen, a sultry woman, seduces a young soldier, Joe, in order to avoid imprisonment. However, when she leaves Joe for another man, he seeks revenge.

There’s no sexier pairing in the history of black cinema than Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte. She died tragically young but this performance sees her at her best – vivacious, talented, full of agency and power - Catharine Des Forges

Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen Jones stands right at the top of my list. No competition. This is one of cinema’s greatest ‘star’ performances. From the moment Dandridge swaggers onto screen singing ‘Dat’s Love’ you can’t keep her eyes off h

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