Donald Sutherland is superb as the ruthless German agent trapped on a remote Scottish island while trying to escape a closely pursuing British intelligence. Falling in love with the mistress of the island he is caught between conflicting loyalties. If you haven't seen this already...watch it. Brilliant stuff.
A young American soldier is wounded by a shell in WWI, losing his arms, legs and eyes as well as his ability to hear, speak or smell. Lying in hospital he is barely able to distinguish if he is awake or dreaming and he relives his story in strange dreams and memories. One day Joe finds a way to communicate with the doctors ...

A father is haunted by the death of his young child. Omens point to disaster and hallucinations predict the future as this wonderful atmospheric film moves to its disturbing climax. Shot in the beautiful city of Venice and based on the book by Daphne du Maurier.

More and more people in San Francisco are acting oddly, they seem devoid of emotion, or are our heroes just paranoid and having problems relating to people? Who's with us and who's against us? Is your best mate now a plant in a human body? Can vegetables really be more dangerous than governments? Who can be trusted and who has already been snatched? A really good tense re-make of the 50s cold war sci-fi thriller about the seeds from outer space that kill then replicate human beings. Chilling and plausible with some acute observations on the human condition, a must watch.
Donald Suther-Legend
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