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Wow. Wow. Wow. John Cameron Mitchell directs and stars as Hedwig, transsexual punk rock goddess in this film adaptation of the highly-acclaimed rock opera. Hedwig tours America with his band, The Angry Inch, a reference to his botched sex change operation, in the wake of young rock icon, Tommy Gnosis. Tommy was a Jesus freak with a fish on his truck when Hedwig met him but soon they became a successful rock duo outgrossing monster trucks in Kansas City. But when it all becomes too much for Tommy he leaves Hedwig and steals all of her songs to make a spectacular career...solo. Filled with the spirit of rock n roll, this is an incredibly well-told story of a troubled wo/man and the search for love in troubled times. Sensitive and hilarious this is a must-see flick with a knockout soundtrack. SUNDANCE AUDIENCE AWARD BEST DIRECTOR WINNER!!!!!!
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