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THE MUSE (1999)
A movie directed by Albert Brooks, starring Albert Brooks, playing, in essence, a person you suspect is Albert Brooks. A Hollywood writer finds everything he is offering to the studios is being thrown straight back at him, accused of writers block and beginning to believe it, he turns to his old friend and fellow scribe (Bridges) for help. The advice his old pal gives him is that he needs a muse, someone to get his creative juices flowing again and so appears Sharon Stone's character, a beautiful, flighty, intelligent, demanding and decadent creature; The catalyst, it is hoped, for a series of irresistible scripts. The Muse is a satire on the duplicitous, self-serving, machinations of Hollywood. Though very similar in subject matter it is not 'The Player', being a much lighter film it focuses more on the immediate comedy and lacks the real bite of Altman's movie, an enjoyable and engagingly played film nonetheless.
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