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(Pierrot Goes Wild)
A couple on the run, him leaving his wife, child and work, her fleeing a couple of Algerian hitmen, drive from Paris to the Med, hang out together a lot and discover they don't really have that much in common. A kind of a thriller and a kind of a love story, inevitably it is the quirks of character that Godard exposes that make it fascinating. This is one of Godard's more down to earth films though, to quote; "Godard confronts his doubts about the possibilities of cinema in this startling dissection of cinema, politics, Marxism, literature, music and pop culture. Like much of Godard's work, the film carries much of the characteristics of pop art, making constant disjunctive references to various elements of mass culture. However, this is done in a very satiric vein, whereas pop art often celebrates mass culture".
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