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  • 20772
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  • DVD=97 min.
  • Nationality(ies):
  • South Korea.
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  • Korean.

Tae Yul, once a great swordsman now injured lives in the mountain with his daughter. As his eyes injury is getting worse, the daughter decides to come down from mountain. Somehow she finds herself in the midst of a political plot and gets abducted. Tae Yul now must fight hordes of swordsman and assassins to save her. With his injuries and his past catching up to him can he save his daughter? A lot has been jam-packed in the short runtime of the film. Story starts peacefully, we get to see the father and daughter in the mountain living peacefully. When they eventually come down from the mountain we get to see the change in political arena as a group of slave traders from Qing Dynasty stirs trouble in the Ming Dynasty. Initially Tae Yul ignores but all hell breaks loose when the daughter gets abducted. This is where the real fun begins. Violent and bloody fights with swords against dozens of villains. There are some flashbacks that indicates that Tae Yul is not as simple as he seems. There are two badass swordsman which stands in Tae Yul's way. Both the boss fights were great. The film looks great, loved the cinematography. The fight scenes were great. As the film progresses the fights get more intense. The sword fighting choreography is absolutely outstanding and the action sequences are satisfying. What I really liked is the BGM, they added so much to the mood of the film. Intense, violent and compact. A very satisfying watch. I am surprised how much the director managed to show in such a short run time. It is a fantastic action film. I loved the main leads silent but deadly demeanor. The fights are very satisfying and almost feels like the man from nowhere but with swords. Recommended.

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