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30 ROCK SEASON 2 DISC 1 (2008)

1. "SeinfeldVision" - Jack invents "SeinfeldVision", which digitally inserts Jerry Seinfeld into every NBC show and Jenna returns from hiatus overweight due to her role in Mystic Pizza: The Musical. Tracy's wife Angie Jordan (Sherri Shepherd) kicks him out of the house, prompting Kenneth to become his "office wife".
2. "Jack Gets in the Game" - Jack hears that Don Geiss (Rip Torn) may be retiring and competes with Devon Banks (Will Arnett) to be Geiss' successor. Meanwhile, Jenna begins to enjoy the fame of being fat and Kenneth tries to get Tracy and Angie back together.
3. "The Collection" - Jack hires a private investigator, named Len (Steve Buscemi), to find any dirt General Electric (GE) might dig up on him. Angie decides that she will be with Tracy every moment to keep him out of trouble and Jenna is upset to find that she has started losing weight.
4. "Rosemary's Baby" - Liz meets her childhood idol, comedy writer Rosemary Howard (Carrie Fisher), only to discover that Rosemary is a lonely woman still clinging onto a 1970s mindset. Jack helps Tracy with some unresolved issues in a therapy session and Kenneth is forced to compete in a "page-off" to keep his job.
5. "Greenzo" - Jack introduces NBC's environmental mascot, Greenzo (David Schwimmer). Greenzo's eco-friendly preaching gets out of hand around the TGS offices, as well as on The Today Show. Also, Kenneth is planning a house party. Knowing nobody wants to attend, Tracy spreads a rumor about the party. Meanwhile, Pete reconnects with his wife, Paula (Paula Pell).
6. "Somebody to Love" - Jack falls for a Democratic congresswoman named C.C. (Edie Falco) Liz thinks her new neighbor, Raheem (Fred Armisen), is a terrorist.
7. "Cougars" - Liz goes on a date with a 20 year old coffee delivery boy, Jamie (Val Emmich), while Tracy has to coach a Little League baseball team. Jack takes a special interest in the team and showers them with gifts. Jack fires Tracy as a coach and replaces him with Kenneth. The players then revolt.
8. "Secrets and Lies" - Jack is very reluctant when C.C. wants to go public with their relationship. Meanwhile, Liz tries to keep Jenna and Tracy equally as happy leading Tracy to earn a fake Pacific Rim Emmy Award and Jenna to form an entourage.

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