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In the rural hinterland of the Ozark Mountains, Missouri, 17-year-old Ree Dolly, in the absence of her crystal meth/crank manufacturing father, is the only effective parent for her two younger siblings and sole carer to her emotionally vacant mother. When Ree discovers dad has put their house up as bail and then disappeared she knows she must find him or the family will be turned out into a bitter wilderness in which they cannot hope to survive. Her close knit, secretive and, often, brutally harsh community is reluctant to help Ree, even her dadís brother makes it frighteningly clear she should let it be, but her determination and resilience, while dangerous, wins increasing respect. 'Winterís Bone' is an utterly gripping drama, often bordering on being a thriller with its intensity. The performances are pitch perfect and the evocation of a world, which most of us are fortunate enough to never know, bleakly vivid.
A superb adaptation of Daniel Woodrellís novel and a justifiable winner of the Sundance Festivalís Grand Jury Prize.
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