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30 ROCK SEASON 1: DISC 1 (2006)
'30 Rock' is a TV series created by Tina Fey largely based round her experiences as head writer for Saturday Night Live and starring herself as Liz Lemon chief writer for the fictional 'TGS with Tracy Jordan'. Episode 1, Pilot; Liz meets the new network exec, Jack Donaghy, who wants her to hire movie star Tracy Jordan to draw a young male audience to 'The Girlie Show'. Episode 2, The Aftermath; the crew of 'The Girlie Show' is skeptical of having Tracy Jordan join the cast, especially as the show is to be retitled 'TGS with Tracy Jordan'. Liz and Tracy decide to throw a yacht party. Episode 3, Blind Date; Jack convinces Liz to go on a date with his friend Thomas, who turns out to be a woman, confusing Liz as to how other people see her. Meanwhile the writing team play poker with Tracy and Jack. Episode 4, Jack the Writer; Jack annoyingly gets involved in the writing team's work and it's up to Liz to tell Jack that he is not welcome, which pisses him off. Liz has to deal with Cerie and the way she dresses and Tracy uses Kenneth for other "missions". Episode 5, Jack-Tor; Jack wants product placement in "TGS", Liz suspects that Tracy is illiterate, Frank and Toofer talk Jenna into the idea that she is about to be fired. Jack's on show piece is a disaster. Episode 6, Jack Meets Dennis; Liz is back with her ex-boyfriend Dennis, who embarrasses her in front of Jack, Jenna lies about her age to Jack and Tracy fears for his image. Episode 7, Tracy Does Conan; Jenna was supposed to be on Conan O'Brien's show, but Jack wants to send Tracy instead, Tracy reacts to some new medication and Jenna is worried that Jack doesn't respect her work. Besides being stressed out by a crazy star, a nervous friend and a critical boss Liz has to deal with Dennis. Episode 8, The Break-Up; Jenna takes Liz out on the town, Jack is having problems with his new relationship and Tracy and Toofer clash over negative African American stereotypes.
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