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  • New Zealand.
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  • English.
While Lilly works her job at Meaty Boy Burgers she nurses an infatuation with customer Jarrod (Flight of the Conchords' Jemaine Clement), who blanks her until she manages to sneak into his Come As Your Favourite Animal Party, whips him at computer punch-up and a romance, of sorts, begins. Sadly, Jarrod's priorities are far from romantic; a face off with the class-mate who mercilessly bullied him back in his home town is all he cares about and, until he gets his man, Lilly knows she won't get hers. So begins a micro-odyssey of peculiar characters, cringe comedy and unsentimental romance. Lilly and Jarrod are souls blissfully adrift in a world they weren't made for; whatever it is, they don't get it. 'Napoleon Dynamite' is a close comparison for this movie but "Eagle vs Shark" is under-pinned with a genuine sense of affection for its characters and their development that its stylistic predecessor lacked. In fact, with it's occasional use of expressionist animation "Eagle vs Shark" is something of an original in its own right.
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