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  • 11525
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  • DVD=133 min.
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  • Japan.
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  • Japanese.
(Batoru rowaiaru II)
Three years after the government sanctioned the abduction and self-inflicted slaughter of a bus load of Japanese school kids the powers that be are at it again. The two survivors of the original 'Battle Royale' have set up a terrorist group known as the Wild Seven, devoted to the collapse of a brutal law and order. Collars around their necks a new group of unwary teenagers find themselves faced with a harsh ultimatum, wipe out the Wild Seven… or lose your head. 'Battle Royale II' is an entertaining enough slasher happy slice of barely pubescent, sub Mad Max, pulp trash, though satire's not really satire if you're using a sledge hammer to make your point… or is it?
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