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KILL BILL: Volume 1 (2003)
Black Mamba was a member of one of the most lethally efficient assassination teams the world has ever know, but when she's beaten to within an inch of her life and then shot in the head at her own wedding by her former comrades in arms, the bond would seem to be well and truly broken. Snapping out of a coma four years after this traumatic event Mamba has only one thing on her mind, retribution, and the bloodier the better. Kill Bill Vol 1 is a mind warpingly visceral affair, with Tarantino resorting to Manga style animation for some of the more spectacular slaughter scenes. Great fight choreography (particularly the endless swordplay), stabs of pitch black humour, and a huge dollop of slightly cheesy retro style make for highly entertaining action flick, but Quent' mate...where's the inspired dialogue that made Pulp Fiction such a work of bloody genius?
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