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Certification18 Our Rating

Guillermo Del Toro's blockbusting tale of a young girl struggling to make sense of the violent world around her was a big 2006 arthouse hit. Continuing his exploration of the impact of the Spanish Civil War on his generation (it was also the backdrop for his excellent ghost story, The Devil's Backbone) Del Toro's fantasy mixes strong horror with fairytale-style aesthetics to great effect, making Ofelia's escape into an imaginary realm a poignant response to the cruel realities of her existence. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

When 10-year-old Fiona goes to live on the north western coast of Ireland with her grandparents, she is intrigued by the mysterious, seemingly fantastic, stories of the mythical Selkies, part human, part seal, and the local belief that her baby brother, who was washed out to see long before, is being raised by them. When she spots a naked little boy on the beautiful abandoned island of Roan Inish she decides to uncover....'The Secret of Roan Inish'. A lovely magical tale for all ages. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Wee Angus lives as a servant's son in a large manor house alongside a Scottish loch. One day he discovers a mysterious egg and takes it home, where it hatchs and grows and grows, acquires the name Crusoe and becomes Angus's best mate. Being WW2 the 12th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery are camped nearby to keep the loch secure, but they wouldn't know a Kelpie, a supernatural shape-shifting water horse, from a U-boat, putting Crusoe in a wee bit of danger. But being a family film don't worry be ha find out more...