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CertificationPG Our Rating

'Number 5' is a killer robot created in a defence establishment. However, life as a killer is not to his liking and he escapes. He takes to living with a wacky girl who keeps lots of pets and in her care he begins to learn about life; 'Five is Alive!'. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Don't get put off by your understandable prejudices against Ally Sheedy, this movie is about as good as it gets from John Hughes. The plot revolves around the rather farsighted premise (this is 1983, folks!) that a young high school punk hacks into the national defence network (the old internet) and starts off a global nuclear incident. As Cold War paranoia abounds him and his girlfriend have to convince a disbelieving US military that it's all a big mistake. Sounds all a bit hokey, I know, b find out more...