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Certification15 Our Rating

A brilliant black comedy. A young office worker goes down town to find a girl he met in a diner. The problem is he can't get back up-town and is caught up with all the wackos and weirdos who come out after hours. A paranoic nightmare with a manic surreal quality.

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SHAME (2011)

Certification18 Our Rating


Moles don't really understand humans; you're messy balls of self-loathing, lust, ego, blood and bones and to be honest I feel more at home underground. I know where I am in the dark. Shame, Steve McQueen's hit film of 2011 find out more...

TOMBOY (2011)

CertificationU Our Rating

Certification15 Our Rating

Fascinating, highly visionary, epic scale surreal story spanning 50 years of Balkan history (WWII to Yugoslav civil war). Focusing on friendship rather than conflict, love, betrayal, big balls, gangsters, theatre and a whole underground population who don't know the world war is over yet. Truly bizarre..

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