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Filmed during the Nazi occupation of Denmark, Carl Dreyer's Day of Wrath is a harrowing account of individual helplessness in the face of growing social repression and paranoia. Anna, the young second wife of a well-respected but much older pastor, falls in love with his son when he returns to their small 17th century village. Stepping outside the bounds of the village's harsh moral code has disastrous results: Anna faces the stake, accused of witchcraft. find out more...

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Jane of Suffolk, a studious young girl, is married off to the feckless Duke of Guilford for political reasons. The throne must remain Protestant and the ruling faction must retain its power, so she found herself forced unwillingly on to the throne for nine days. An English costume drama of the finest pedigree. find out more...

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Nominated for five Academy Awards; Michael Curtiz's expansive period drama sets the tumultuous on-again, off-again affair between Queen Elizabeth I and the second Earl of Essex against Essex's powerful ambition to assume power in England. Having won several important battles, Essex's popularity among the masses is soaring, but despite his own substantial cunning he is ultimately no match for his Queen, a woman Essex greatly admires but has sworn to usurp. An epic, rip-roaring reinterpretation of find out more...

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17th Century England has just endured a civil war that has seen the Monarchy overthrown. The corridors of power are stalked as the reformist, but somewhat naive, idealist Fairfax, tries to broker a deal between two obstinate rocks, his power seeking deputy, the revolutionary Cromwell, and the nutty Stewart monarch Charles, and keep his beloved, but monarchist, wife happy. Roth's interpretation of Cromwell, a sort of Olivier's Richard The Third with a Hitlerian moustache attached, ie somewhat of find out more...