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Certification12 Our Rating

Hamstrung by the fact that, mercifully, Nazi Germany didn't last very long and that Indie's been flashing his OAP bus pass around for at least a couple of years, Spielberg has shuffled us along to 1957 and to the height of Soviet/American antipathy… so, new baddies sorted, now to find a cool treasure… mmmmm, what about the ‘legendary' (made up) Crystal Skull of Akator? Ohh... and a young precocious guy tagging along to do the full on action bits that CGI just can't cover - result. The first thre find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Johnny Varron is a smart mouthed, arrogant punk and 'Top Man' of the gang. Johnny rules his gang with an iron fist, dictating activities and designating girlfriends as 'in' or 'out'; but when his second lieutenant and best friend Dave falls for a girl who doesn't fit the 'code', their insular world begins to disintegrate. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

A biographical perspective on the Kung Fu master beginning with his birth in 1940, through his rebellious teenage years until his departure for San Francisco in 1959. 'The Young Bruce Lee' concentrates on the moulding of the man not the Kung Fu superstar so anyone expecting a martial arts extravaganza will be sorely disappointed. find out more...