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Certification12 Our Rating

A story set around Czech pilots who flew under the banner of the RAF during the second world war this a visually lush and striking film, though the story itself relies rather too heavily on melodrama, providing as it does a picture of cinematic heroism and love lost that firmly shuns any threat of originality. Dark blue World is by the same director as Kolya and though by no means a bad film it stills leaves you slightly disappointed that he did not do more with the subject he had chosen. find out more...
FLYBOYS (2006)

Certification12 Our Rating

The story of Lafayette Escadrille, a group of mainly American volunteers, who joined the French WW1 airforce to fight the dastardly Hun. Some stunning aerial dogfights are the highlight. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Howard Hughes' first movie, and what an epic money sucker it was too. Three friends, two English and one German, are conscripted into WWI as fighter pilots and must make the choice between their patriotic duty and their loyalty to one another. Some amazing aerial scenes and Jean Harlow's first starring role are amongst the highlights. find out more...