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Certification15 Our Rating

1st feature: Set in the 1890s this adaptation of Harold Brighouse's working class comedy sees a tyrannical bootmaker brought to heel when his plain-speaking daughter marries his down-trodden simple-minded employee and makes a successful business. Keen direction and fine performances make this a great comedy. find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Set in South America, Grant leads a superb cast as the tough boss of an Andean air-freight service. Hayworth and Arthur are two girls competing for his affections, while he has to make sure that his shoestring outfit get the mail through on time. Well directed with plenty of wit. A true classic! find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Set in 1910, this rip-roaring comedy is a 'Wacky-Races' in the air. In a quest to prove that Great Britain is top dog in the air, Lord Rawnsley (Robert Morley) puts up a £10,000 prize. Many stereotypical nationals take part (there's a fanatical Prussian determined to win at all costs), a sextet of women, villains and good guys. Featuring plenty of slapstick and filmed in that wonderful technicolor. A great Sunday afternoon film. find out more...