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Douglas Bader was the archetypal British Bulldog hero, an ace cricketeer and rugby fly-half, who tragically lost his legs in a flying accident, but went on to be a top Spitfire flyer and later one of the most renowned escapees from Colditz. This is his story, a stirring tribute to an inspirational figure from British history. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Howard Hughes was an insatiable man, a billionaire whose success within Hollywood and obsession with aviation made him more famous than many of the movie stars his studio employed. This lush dramatisation of Hughes concentrates on the man, as a rebel within the ordered system of big business, charming, glamorous, decadent and ruthlessly focused. We witness the beginning of his fall from grace and decent into reclusive paranoia, but this is more an epic of Hughes glory years and, though lacking t find out more...