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EMMA (2020)

CertificationU Our Rating

Anya Taylor-Joy gives a wonderful performance in the title role of this Jane Austen adaptation as a well-meaning but proud young woman who enjoys playing match-maker without proper concern for the feelings of those involved. Bill Nighy plays Emma's father to perfection. Fans of the book will be pleased.

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Certification12 Our Rating

Mismatched city girl trio Stella, Ag and Prue (one sensible, one shy, one saucy) head for Devon to be "land girls" - working the fields while the boys go off to fight WW2. Needless to say, the uncommonly attractive sophisticats cause quite a stir down on the farm, not least in wannabe pilot Steven Mackintosh's trousers. The war itself seems almost incidental in this "growing-up" movie which, though somewhat uneventful, all looks very pretty. find out more...