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STEALTH (2005)

Certification12 Our Rating

Henry, Ben and Kara are the best fighter pilots in the world, though this seems to have come at the expense of discernable personality. The trio's smug knowledge of their superiority comes to a crashing halt when a new member joins their team, a pilotless super fighter that's dangerously reminiscent of a winged KIT. One lightning strike later and everything's gone bananas, can Ken and Barbie stop the now lethal, loopy super fighter or is the world facing its first computer generated nuclear stri find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Lots of stiff upper lip and Brit grit in this heroic true story of how Lancaster bombers, carrying Dr Barnes Wallis's Bouncing Bomb, destroyed the dams on the Rhur, damaging German industrial production and the Nazi war effort. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

All very stupid but great fun. Arnie battles the forces of a dastardly middle Eastern threat, his wife's suitor and the fact that his sidekick gets the best lines. Lack of credible plot is made up for by suberb effects (notably the Harrier) but all the nuclear business is a bit naff. find out more...