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GHOST (1990)

Certification15 Our Rating

Sam and Molly are in love but tragedy strikes when Sam is murdered. Trapped on earth as a ghost, Sam tries to contact Molly to warn her that she too is in danger, but can only do so through charlatan psychic Oda, Whoopi Goldberg, who hams it up gloriously in abetting the lovers with newly discovered psychic powers. A fast paced comedy and love story. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

A bunch of academic investigators into the paranormal have their grant cut off and go into business busting up hauntings and other spook type manifestations. Just in the nick of time, as it happens, because it would seem that an ancient demon is planning his come back in the fridge of a New York flat. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Sir Henry's disgusting ancestral home has spawned an industry; a Radio 4 sketch, Peel-show episodes, Bonzo track, complete album, stage readings, his motto is 'Omnes Blotto', his home is Knebworth, outside a dusty heap of rotten food and excrement and empty bottles within. A superb spoof, with Howard as the sad figure of Sir Henry showing the camera crew around his dilapidated and decrepit stately home. Based on Viv 'Doodah Dog Band' Stanshall's poem/song and beautifull filmed in monochrome, it' find out more...