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Certification15 Our Rating

They're back at it. The fiendish little critters take over a Manhattan skyscraper and terrorise the inhabitants, and even worse they become sinister experiments for genetic engineers with terrifyingly hilarious results. Plenty of clever gags make this a sure thing for anyone who enjoyed the first. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Hot from the success of Back To The Future, the Peter Pan of 80s Hollywood, Michael J. Fox finds himself in the unenviable role of a High School kid who is going through 'changes', no, not the kind of changes that have you kicking your bedroom door shut, red-facedly telling your mother to 'Get out! Get out!', but a problematic condition that kicks in every full moon. That's right folks, he's a werewolf, just as his daddy was before him. The effects are genuinely unsettling, (borrowing heavily fr find out more...