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Certification15 Our Rating

They're back at it. The fiendish little critters take over a Manhattan skyscraper and terrorise the inhabitants, and even worse they become sinister experiments for genetic engineers with terrifyingly hilarious results. Plenty of clever gags make this a sure thing for anyone who enjoyed the first. find out more...
VHS 2 (2013)

Certification18 Our Rating

Like its unremarkable predecessor, V/H/S 2 is a POV-centred anthology horror film consisting of short films from a clutch of genre directors, this time around including the likes of Gareth Evans, Eduardo Sánchez, Jason Eisener and Adam Wingard. As with the first film, the linking narrative here is again somewhat on the feeble side, but the individual chapters are noticeably stronger this time around, in particular The Raid director Evans' 'Safe Haven', in& find out more...