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LEGION (2009)

Certification15 Our Rating

God's getting quite pissed off with humanity so he decides to bring on the Apocalypse and that's bad news for us all. Never mind - somewhere in the Mojave Desert there's a pregnant unmarried waitress who, with the aid of renegade Archangel Michael, will see off the God dude's henchman, Gabriel, and his horde of carnivorous zombies.
Absolute tosh. find out more...
REC 2 (2009)

Certification18 Our Rating

{Rec] 2 takes off where the first one finished; a Dr Owen leads a SWAT team of three into the building, they are attacked by zombies and the good doctor turns out to be a bit of a Christian who uses his crucifix to great effect as the film veers toward 'Exorcist' territory. The main innovation is the replacement of a single recording instrument by multiple cameras. Not as good as the original. find out more...