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ALADDIN (2018)

CertificationPG Our Rating

A kind-hearted street urchin Aladdin vies for the love of the beautiful princess Jasmine, the princess of Agrabah. When he finds a magic lamp, he uses a genie's magic power to make himself a prince in order to marry her. He is also on a mission to stop the powerful Jafar who plots to steal the magic lamp that could make his deepest wishes come true.

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CertificationU Our Rating

A beautiful elaboration of a Senegalese folk tale; Kirikou summons himself from his mother's womb, only 10 cms tall, but walking, talking, questioning and quickly setting out on a quest to defeat the wicked sorceress who has cursed his people. Kirikou is a beautifully rendered tale with African art as its benchmark and using a flat two-dimensional look. A delight for the children and one that us older, saggier ones can enjoy as well. find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

A dreamworks re-interpretation of the Sinbad legend sees our smart mouthed lethario, a drooling hound and a handy princess on an adventure to save his best friend from the Goddess of Chaos. A slick and pacey animated adventure, even if the original plethora of gods and godesses has been reinvented. find out more...