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Certification12 Our Rating

Oscar is a small time drugs dealer and imbiber residing in downtown Tokyo. After he's betrayed and shot his disembodied spirit hangs around viewing his past and the consequences of his premature death, particularly on his friend Alex and sister Linda.
Loved and hated by cinephiles in equal part this overlong work of hallucinatory 'art' is best recommended to those who know what they're letting themselves in for. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Episode 1; Nothing But Blood; a mutilated body is found in Inspector Bellefleur's car, Jessica's living in Bill's house, Tara's getting on with Eggs, Jason's found God and Lafayette's chained up.
Episode 2; Keep This Party Going; Jessica visits her family, Maryann visits Merlotte's, where everyone starts dancing, and Lafayette fails in an escape bid. find out more...