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Certification15 Our Rating

When young Johnny Blaze makes a pact with the Devil to save his father Old Nick plays a cruel trick on the poor lad. Years later Johnny has become a famous stunt rider, but when the sun goes down he's transformed into the devil's collector of souls, a relentless, ruthless flaming headed nutter sat astride a burning dragster. Ghost Rider is yet another in the long line of Marvel Comic characters to make the transition to the big screen and, while it falls pretty short of ‘good', there is somethin find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Struggling to live with his flame-headed alter ego the Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze is offered the chance to rid himself of his curse forever, but to do so he must defeat The Devil in a mind numbing battle for survival. A shockingly crumby sequel to what was a pretty god awful first film. find out more...