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Certification12 Our Rating

When Bobby Garfield returns to his home after nearly thirty years he is overwhelmed with the memories of one childhood summer in 1960 when a stranger appeared in town and changed his life forever. Bobby is eleven when Ted Brautigen arrives, and the two quickly forge a close relationship. It turns out Ted is on the run from a shadowy government agency because of his acute psychic powers and though knows he will be found, he is determined to enjoy his moment of freedom. Hearts In Atlantis is a tho find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Nina cannot get over the untimely death of her lover, and it's beginning to effect her sanity. Then one lonely evening he's back; at first Nina's over the moon, but living with a ghost has its problems. Superbly acted and cleverly plotted this is funny, sad and shows "Ghost" how it should be done. find out more...