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Certification15 Our Rating

Roger Corman and Vincent Price hook up for yet more horror in Edgar Allan Poe's most terrifying tale of passion, possession and purrfect evil find out more...
SHE (1964)

CertificationU Our Rating

Ursula 'undress' Andress is wonderfully seductive, numerous scenes demonstrate her true sensual nature, as "She who must be obeyed". In Palestine, after WWI, archaeologist Holly and buddy Leo are penniless. Leo is abducted and told a beautiful woman is waiting for his return, he is given a ring and a map and told that all will be revealed if he travels beyond the Mountains of the Moon. Leo tells Holly about the encounter and the two friends set out on an expedition to seek the mythical city of K find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Movie Mole says:

Moles don't really live in houses. We especially don't live in haunted houses - when we hear things going bump in the night, it usually means a worm has tunnelled its way into our lair (yum!) or a farmer is going a bit crazy with a spade. Despite all of this, I find out more...