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GHOST (1990)

Certification15 Our Rating

Sam and Molly are in love but tragedy strikes when Sam is murdered. Trapped on earth as a ghost, Sam tries to contact Molly to warn her that she too is in danger, but can only do so through charlatan psychic Oda, Whoopi Goldberg, who hams it up gloriously in abetting the lovers with newly discovered psychic powers. A fast paced comedy and love story. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Bertram Pincus is a charmless, miserablist Brit abroad, misanthropically working as a dentist in New York City. Saved from the jaws of death during routine surgery Pincus finds himself able to see and speak to the dead, a skill not lost on the lost in limbo spirit community of Manhattan who flock to him in droves, especially Frank, who pushes Pinkus into action with a heartfelt plea to stop his widow from an ill-advised remarriage. What chance does the emotionally and socially stunted dentist ha find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

A mild-mannered shopkeeper is made the unwitting guinea-pig in a divine experiment. As the benefactor of immortal powers his ambition seems to go no further than trying to impress the girl of his dreams, but when greedier mortals try to exploit his talents he decides to assert his authority, throwing his heavenly benefactors into celestial chaos. An impressive version of HG Wells' classic tale about the avarice and power-lust of the meek. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

George Malley's a simple kinda guy, with a small brain but a big heart, and a serious case of the hots for his love-shy neighbour. But his life changes forever when a mysterious light in the sky sends his intellect into overdrive, turning him into a freak show. Whimsical, weepy, romantic drama. find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Plucky widow Lucy goes to live in a cottage on the English coast even though it appears to be haunted. Sure enough, that very night she meets the ghost of crusty former owner Captain Gregg...and refuses to be scared off. Indeed, after Lucy gets used to the idea of a man's ghost haunting her bedroom, they become friends and allies and, to make it possible for her to afford to stay in the house, he decides she will write a best-seller, his memoirs. When she visits a London publisher she also impre find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

From the director of 'Shawshank Redemption' and based on another story by Stephen King, the title refers to the last walk condemned prisoners make to the electric chair. 'The Green Mile' is filled with the mystical, one of the prisoners having the power to heal and emanating a goodness which slowly but surely disperses the weary cynicism of the guards. Though the story itself is relatively slight it's the ensemble acting which makes 'The Green Mile' such a strong, watchable movie, Tom Hanks in p find out more...