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Certification15 Our Rating

6.5 'Life Serial'; Buffy's powers are tested by Andrew and co, who seek to expose and exploit her weaknesses. find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

A beautiful elaboration of a Senegalese folk tale; Kirikou summons himself from his mother's womb, only 10 cms tall, but walking, talking, questioning and quickly setting out on a quest to defeat the wicked sorceress who has cursed his people. Kirikou is a beautifully rendered tale with African art as its benchmark and using a flat two-dimensional look. A delight for the children and one that us older, saggier ones can enjoy as well. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Suave swinger and womanizer Rex Romanski loves and leaves evil black magic priestess Rita Marie. Naturally, Rex incurs Rita's lethal wrath by spurning her. Can Rex figure out a way to stop Rita's subsequent rampage of revenge, murder, and destruction as well as reclaim the soul of his new porn starlet gal Amoreena Jones before it's too late? fUN FACT! Brandon Luis Aponte had to remove his jacket for the scene in which Ruth Sullivan stabs him in the back because said jacket was borrowed.  find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Based on a series of documented accounts that took place in the small Wisconsin town of Black River Falls in the late 1890's this is a surreal and dark dramatisation involving murder, the supernatural and, unsurprisingly, insanity and paranoia. Wisconsin Death Trip stunningly evokes a community gone mad, consumed by fear and teetering on the edge of utter implosion; filmed in monochrome this is a hauntingly beautiful rendition of hell on earth. find out more...