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Epic Hollywood swashbuckler of the old-fashioned kind, relying more on tongue in cheek dramatics and the sizzling chemistry between its two sultry stars (Banderas and Zeta-Jones) than on new-fangled stunts and special effects. Also starring Anthony Hopkins as Zorro mark 1, the story begins with the good samaritan swordsman rescuing a bunch of condemned Spaniards from the evil Don Rafael Montero, only for the power-crazed tyrant to hunt him down, killing his wife and stealing his baby daughter before slinging our hero in prison. 20 years later it's payback time, and who better to carry out the now elderly Hopkins' vengeance mission than Antonio Banderas, who takes on the task with great gusto, plus a few tips from Hopkins. The benevolent bandit's long-lost infant daughter, meanwhile, has conveniently blossomed into a blistering babe, providing Banderas with more than a little distraction. Great fun.
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