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MERU (2015)

Nothing like a good documentary about people doing spectacular things to inspire you to do great. Three mountain climbers attempt to reach the top of an impossible mountain. Despite failing to reach the top their first time around, the impossible task does not stop them from trying again. It's amazing insight about Mountain climbing as we watch these men doing what they love doing and were met to do. It's seems crazy what they are doing and the doc does not hide how crazy it is but it also makes you understand that they had to do it cause this is their passion. The footage from Jimmy Chin was perfect at capturing the harsh conditions of the weather on top of Meru. One image that really got to me was when the mountain started to poor down hard ice. You could not even call it rain or hale. It seemed brutal. Then they would switch it up with beautiful shoots of climbers going up the hill in such a beautiful atmosphere. I could feel the crisp air. It helps a lot how close the filmmakers are to the subject matter. Though the narration could be dull at times overall it's a beautiful picture.

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