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  • 19753
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  • Australia.
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  • English.
LION (2016)

A beautiful, heart-rending story of grand psychogeographical proportions. Based on the true story of Saroo Brierley, a five-year-old boy who falls asleep on a non-passenger train and ends up more than 2000 kilometers from his home. Unable to speak the language or find his way back to his biological family, Saroo spends the following days and months trying to get by on the streets. Eventually adopted by an Australian couple in Tasmania, Saroo embarks upon a new and far more privileged life. As a young adult, Saroo searches desperately for the piece of his identity that has been missing since that fateful day when he fell asleep on a train. Using Google Earth and sheer will, Saroo locates the village where he is from and pieces together the sprawling, fragmented memories of his two magnificently loving and warm lives. This is such an incredible story and one of the most moving portrayals of family committed to film. There's no way you won't be crying by the end one so have a hanky at the ready. 

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