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Certification18 Our Rating

This black comedy directed by John Waters is one of the best films around. When renegade filmmaker Cecil B. Demented vows to "punish bad cinema" his plans include a group of generally weird and freaky film buffs called the Sprocket Holes, who each have a tattoo of a different indie filmmaker, led by the radiant Alicia Witt, Demented's sometime-lover. Demented and his crew kidnap Hollywood's sweetheart Honey Whitlock and force her to perform in their rebel film and she slowly becomes "Demented F find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Steve Zissou is an underwater adventurer, a man who epitomises the word ‘eccentric’. Having lost his friend and partner to a hitherto unknown Jaguar shark Steve decides, along with his equally leftfield crew, to devote all his time and non existent funds to hunting down and killing the unlikely creature. Tagging along for the trip is a young man who may or may not be his son, a sceptical journalist and Zissou’s exasperated ex wife. The Life Aquatic is a delightfully bizarre comic adventure, with find out more...