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CLUE (1985)

CertificationPG Our Rating

Jonathan Lynn brings the sleuthing board game, Cluedo, to the big screen with a plethora of stars taking on the familiar characters of Prof Plum, Col Mustard et al. The gags are plentiful although they will probably seem somewhat dated and uninspired to modern audiences. The alternate endings of the original American release are included – which kinda takes the fun out of guessing ‘whodunnit?'

Still... Mole likes it so it must have some magic about it.

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Certification15 Our Rating

It looks like a quiet Christmas but when those cuddly little Gremlins arrive chaos starts. Brilliant bits of black comedy as the partying creatures create total mayhem for the human population, whether with chainsaw, cars, guns, or any other suitable artefacts. Some scenes may scare young children.

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CertificationU Our Rating

A fine fantasy from Muppets man, Jim Henson. A young girl wishes for the goblins to take her baby brother away - they do and she has to rescue him, so she enters the magical kingdom of the Goblin King and has many strange adventures. A fantasy film for all age groups!

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Certification18 Our Rating

Prepare to be corrupted! The long awaited, but mercifully uncut release of Tarantino's masterpiece means you can now rewind all the nasty bits in the privacy of your own home. A superbly scripted, stunningly stylish study of loyalty and double-dealings amongst underworld gangsters in sharp suits.

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