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Certification18 Our Rating

An elite battalion of police officers, known as BOPE, are pretty much the only thing that the drug dealers living in the favelas of Rio De Janerio fear - aside from each other. But the man who commands them wants out; the unrelenting brutality of his job is beginning to fracture both his mind and family life. The Captain has one goal: to find a worthy replacement, untainted by the corruption that riddles his fellow colleagues, and the potential shows itself in the form of two very different but find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

In 1930s North China, a young girl is given to a 50-year-old leper in exchange for a mule, but as she's carried to him through the wilderness she is saved from bandits by a handsome young peasant. Later the leper mysteriously dies and the peasant returns and the pair settle down to make the traditional red sorghum wine. The film shifts from fable to realism when Japanese troops invade the area, destroying the fields with forced labour from the vineyard until the workers revolt against them. find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Fantastic Oscar winning film portraying the jury in what appears to be an open and shut murder case. Only Fonda expresses any doubt against the guilty verdict, and combined with the observations of an older man he begins to call the evidence, the witnesses, and the legal system into doubt. find out more...