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Certification15 Our Rating

We follow the life of renowned Cuban author Reinaldo Arenas from his childhood to his torture and eventual exile from Castro's Cuba. A man persecuted not just for the power of his writing but also for his homosexuality. Before Night Falls is an immensely affecting film with a quite simply blinding performance from Javier Bardem as the writer. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Goodnight And Good Luck takes place during the early days of broadcast journalism in 1950s America, chronicling the real-life conflict between television newsman Edward R Murrow and Senator Joseph McCarthy, head of the House Un-American Activities Committee. Murrow, his news team and, indeed, CBS itself made a defiant and impassioned stand against McCarthy's increasingly delusional, corrupt and fear-fueled rants and this, George Clooney's second turn in the director's chair, is a beautifully suc find out more...

CertificationE Our Rating

‘Fast, Fair and Balanced'. So the FOX News credo goes. This compelling (if slightly overcooked) documentary about the systematic bias inherent in Murdoch's Neo-Conservative news channel is a must see to anyone with a passing interest in how They take Their news over There. From explaining how FOX's misinformation led to a massive percentage of its viewers believing there was a proven link between Iraq and Al Quaeda to a sensational interview with the belligerent Bill O'Reilly chastising the son find out more...
REDS (1982)

Certification15 Our Rating

The film is based on the life of John Reed, the Communist, journalist, and writer who chronicled the Russian Revolution in his book Ten Days that Shook the World. The film works both as a history of the American left and as an epic romance, between Reed and Louise Bryant, an important feminist and radical journalist in her own right. After involvement with labour and political disputes in the US, they go to Russia in time for the 1917 October Revolution and, inspired, return to the US, hoping to find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Starting with the murder in an Afghan prison of an innocent taxi-driver by American soldiers, this brilliant documentary outlines the lines of command from Cheney and Rumsfeld down to those on the front line. We learn about the techniques of torture and who authorised which methods. We hear about some of the history of CIA torture methods, the irrelevance of torture to extracting information and its use as a weapon of terror and political posturing by those in power in Washington. find out more...