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In 1936 the North Face of the Eiger was the holy grail for European climbers. This is an account of how two poorly equipped Bavarian pioneers, Toni Kurz and Andreas Hinterstoisser, came to try the ascent up the terrible face itself, where they were joined by two Austrian climbers, and the girl they left behind. It is also a story that inspired thousands, including Joe Simpson, whose retracing of the tragic events can be found in the film 'The Beckoning Silence'. This is a thrilling story, with a find out more...

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A great documentary about the legendary New York Cosmos. Financed by Warner billionaire Steve Ross a football team who played on a cabbage patch, they painted the pitch green for Pele's arrival and first game!!!, went on to sign an international class team and draw crowds of over 50,000 a game in the short lived North American Soccer League. It was a big expensive roller-coaster, girls, parties and booze, and Cosmos' eventual collapse brought down the whole league and set back US soccer about 20 find out more...