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Certification18 Our Rating

Factory Records, the Hacienda club, Tony Wilson, Happy Mondays, etc, etc. '24 Hour Party People' is an affectionate and humorous trip through Manchester's monster music scene in the 80s and 90s. The soundtrack as you'd expect is blinding and Steve Coogan's portrayal of Wilson is spooky. A film that stands on it's own as an excellent near tragi-comedy, but within its historical context... it's bloody mad!

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CertificationPG Our Rating

Phyllis Dietrichson is trapped in a loveless marriage to a man who inspires in her nothing but contempt, but rather than leave him Phyllis decides to kill him and collect on the insurance policy she's had set up with the help of her lover, and naive partner in crime, insurance salesman Walter Neff. The only flaws in their plan are the company's reluctance to pay out so much, the diligence of Neff's increasingly suspicious colleague, (and his 'little man'), and the exemplary ruthlessness of Ph find out more...


Certification18 Our Rating

By the director of the brilliant low-budget triumph Clerks. Brodie and T.S. are your archetypal wasters, so when they're dumped by their fed-up girlfriends, they retreat to the all too familiar comfort of the local mall to do... well not very much really. Rude, crude and side-splittingly funny. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Brothers stick together, even when they can't stand each other and aren't actually brothers. For twenty-odd years, New York punk quartet the Ramones traded under a single surname, dressed in a uniform of leather jackets and jeans, shared tour buses and dressing rooms, and hated each other's guts. This is a largely sympathetic look at a group that could never cash in on the kind of witty, radio-friendly pop-punk sounds since imitated by everybody from the Pixies to Busted. Sympathetic, but even-h find out more...