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FARGO (1996)

Certification18 Our Rating

An excellent black comedy, handsome thriller and a tall story that keeps you guessing as it unwinds. The genuinely ridiculous plot (a man pays a couple of goons to 'pretend' to kidnap his wife in order to get his paws on his in-laws' 'ransom' money) is completely credible as mighty plans fall apart, spiralling ever more beyond the protagonist's control and leaving us marvelling at the complex stupidity of human nature. A modern classic.

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Certification15 Our Rating

When a bungling burglar takes Caroline and Lloyd hostage one Xmas Eve he's set for the worst night of HIS life! For the feuding couple barely draw breath before continuing their incessant bickering, and when their family arrives things go from bad to worse! Highly original and hugely enjoyable gun-point group therapy. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

One summer day ten-year-old Michele is playing near his isolated village in poverty-stricken southern Italy, when he discovers a cave with a ghost-like child locked in it. On the one hand he starts to feed and befriend the child, on the other his eyes are opening to the adult world about him; nasty Brazilian gangster Sergio arrives, adults retire to argumentative meetings and a child abduction figures on the TV. Unfortunately for Michele the truth sets him on a journey that will put him in confl find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

A formidable gangster thriller later to be cribbed by Tarantino. An itchy crew of criminal cronies grab a metro carriage of civilians and demand $1 million ransom, causing the kind of chaos in New York City that a traditional train heist causes the cavalry. But, once they've got the ransom, how on earth do they expect to get away? find out more...