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CertificationPG Our Rating

An American returns to his ancestral home in Wales to make amends with his father. He buys a walking-stick in an antique shop off a lass named Gwen, gets involved with some local gypsies and is bitten by a wolf, something which turns out to have rather unfortunate consequences. 'The Wolf Man' is the template werewolf flick and with its stellar horror flick cast rates as an iconic film of its era. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

The proletarian werewolves and aristocratic vampires have been at war for a very, very long time, operating within human society and remaining no more than myth to the vast majority of us ignorant mortals. Their conflict is coming to an end, the werewolves have been hunted down, and are now a small, broken race….or so it would seem. Vampire Warrior Selene, a resourceful, complex heroine in fetish gear and kinky boots (pretty sexy if you don't mind the undead thing), suspects otherwise, find out more...