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Certification15 Our Rating

It's the late 19th century and in the West the railways are coming. Ruthless outlaw Ben Wade and his equally immoral gang feed off the wealth the lines bring, but after he's captured Wade is forced to confront his worst enemy, his conscience. As they travel across the deserts of Arizona towards the train that will deliver him to ultimate justice, a grudging respect develops between Wade and escort Dan, a dirt poor farmer who knows the values of right and wrong, but with Ben's men in hot pursuit find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

1960s Houston, and the first manned flight to Mars is about to take off. But the top brass decide, very sensibly, that it'll be a lot safer to fake the whole find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

The civil war may have ended, but for Gideon life is an unending struggle as he is relentlessly pursued by Colonel Carver for whom there is one final act of violence to commit, Gideon's killing. Through a freezing snow covered mountain pass, past small holders, bank robbers, a Christian settlers' convoy, Irish railway workers and across the desert, this epic and unforgiving chase goes on. "Seraphim Falls" is an intriguing and atmospheric pursuit western driven by two fine performances and an ari find out more...
SHE (1964)

CertificationU Our Rating

Ursula 'undress' Andress is wonderfully seductive, numerous scenes demonstrate her true sensual nature, as "She who must be obeyed". In Palestine, after WWI, archaeologist Holly and buddy Leo are penniless. Leo is abducted and told a beautiful woman is waiting for his return, he is given a ring and a map and told that all will be revealed if he travels beyond the Mountains of the Moon. Leo tells Holly about the encounter and the two friends set out on an expedition to seek the mythical city of K find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

A thoughtful sci-fi thriller as scientists fight to find the antidote to a deadly space borne disease knowing that at the first sign of contamination their high security lab will self destruct. Written by Michael "Jurassic Park" Crichton who was also responsible for the fabulous "Westworld". find out more...