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DAHMER (2001)

Certification15 Our Rating

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was responsible for the murder of seventeen young men in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not only did he kill them he then dismembered them and on some occasions even had a nibble. Dahmer is a potentially fascinating if deeply macabre insight into the world of serial killer, unfortunately some dodgy dramatic scripting and directing relieves the film of much of its credibility. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

We start with compulsive liar Roberto picking up a teenage girl in a disco and we follow his affair with her while he carries on robbing and murdering. A powerful adaptation of the real life serial killer that documents more than just his dark achievements but gives a wholly believable insight into the man's damaged world and the chaotic ineptitude of the society upon which he preys. Harsh but utterly hypnotic. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

The man who reputedly inspired the creation of the term 'serial killer' finally gets his own movie, and a dark and relentless beast it is to, leaping from one grim and graphic murder to the next in an attempt to squeeze in as much of his prolific hobby as possible. Ted Bundy is a superior example of the recent wave of vaguely factual serial killer thrillers, disturbing certainly and fascinating to a point, if you like this kind of thing then you'll like this kind of thing. find out more...