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Certification15 Our Rating

Single mother Esma and her 12-year-old daughter Sara live in Grbavica, a Bosnian quarter of Sarajevo, in the aftermath of the Balkan war. Sara needs the cash for a school trip and Esma goes to work in a nightclub to earn the money, but what Sara can't understand is why she can't get the free trip offered to the children of war heroes. Esma's Secret is a tale of survival and the struggle for normality elevated to the status of a deeply moving and heart rending open letter to the people of Sarajev find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

20 years after the end of the violent 1980s Peruvian Civil War a young woman tries to come to terms with the gang rape of her mother. Repelled by men and traumatised through the improvised folk ballads her mother has sung her, it is not till after her mother's death that she ventures beyond her mountain top village to take a job in Lima.
Both poetically and with magical realism 'The Milk of Sorrow' artfully deals with the sociological and psychological consequences of war and the slow find out more...