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FARGO (1996)

Certification18 Our Rating

An excellent black comedy, handsome thriller and a tall story that keeps you guessing as it unwinds. The genuinely ridiculous plot (a man pays a couple of goons to 'pretend' to kidnap his wife in order to get his paws on his in-laws' 'ransom' money) is completely credible as mighty plans fall apart, spiralling ever more beyond the protagonist's control and leaving us marvelling at the complex stupidity of human nature. A modern classic.

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THE BOW (2005)

Certification15 Our Rating

An old man and a beautiful young girl live on a boat, which they never leave. Groups of men come out to fish, have their fortune told, in an extraordinary manner involving the bow of the title, and mutter about the pair's relationship. This is an art movie, beautifully made and very surreal. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

On holiday in France Rex and Saskia stop at a garage, she walks to the shops and disappears. Three years later Rex starts receiving postcards from her abductor promising to reveal her fate. Reminiscent of Blue Velvet, the understated direction creates a sinister and shocking atmosphere. find out more...