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ROPE (1948)

CertificationPG Our Rating

As an intellectual challenge, two young students strangle their "inferior" classmate, hide his body in their apartment, and invite his friends and family to a dinner party as a means to test the "perfection" of their crime. In attendance are Mr. Henry Kentley and Mrs. Anita Atwater, the victim's father and aunt; Kenneth Turner, the victim's love rival and the deceased's fiancée. The guest of honour is the student's former lecturer whose flippant repartee regarding social caste has been interpret find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Carter Page III is a "walker", he escorts the wives of the rich and powerful when their husbands are otherwise engaged and he can do this because he's a well-bred homosexual. When one of his ladies finds her secret lover murdered Carter agrees to be the one who 'discovers' the body, a lie that hurls him into a Machiavellian world of dark malevolent political intrigue with himself cast as the stool-pigeon, a fate he must use all his wits to escape from. find out more...