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Certification12 Our Rating

Life's looking good for tubby Tommy Callaghan when his dad finally gives him a job after 7 years at college! Even better, pop's about to marry a hot babe & Tommy's getting a cool dude stepbrother. But when the family business goes down the pan, Tommy has to hit the road to save the day. Slapstick. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Tommy (Spall) is a vacuum cleaner salesman gripped by the fever of closing the sale. He lives on Puffa Puffa Rice stored in his car's glove compartment and listens to motivational tapes of his own voice bellowing "sell, sell, f***ing sell!" He's sure the Golden Vac, the holy grail of vacuum salesmanship can be his, if only he hadn't been saddled with Pete, a meek sales trainee trying to help his girlfriend quit the stripping scene. Satyrical comedy drama directed by Danny Boyle. find out more...
WEEKEND (1967)

Certification15 Our Rating

One of Goddard's most audacious and acclaimed works, Weekend follows the Dantean journey taken by a shallow, bourgeois couple to claim an inheritance through parricide. Filled with philosophy and abstractions Goddard treats us to a cinematic, metaphorical form of theatre where the point is not narrative entertainment but the stirring up of ideas and observations. A must for fans and for those that wish to askew the super-realism of modern cinema. find out more...